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Who We Are

Progressive Consulting Strategies is a full-service political and campaign consulting firm. We are passionately dedicated to providing candidates, civic engagement enterprises and causes the tools to communicate their messages and platforms to the masses. We creatively develop your strategic plan by utilizing cutting-edge messaging techniques that provide winning results.

Our culture and strategic approaches consist of innovation and creative measures that make our clients better and more prepared.  The decades of political and messaging experience we possess enable us to provide a hands-on approach to guiding your campaign to the next level.  Effectively communicating your message is our mission.

With almost two decades of government, political and campaign experience at our fingertips, we’re ready to shape and guide your message and campaign.

Mission Statement

To achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do professionally on behalf of our clients. We do this by providing both actionable strategic advice and a broad spectrum of practical services and tactical support. We do not provide this support to win awards, but to serve the very best interest of every client.

Workflow & Culture

PCS isn’t just any run-of-the-mill consulting firm. We won’t simply take your money without delivering results. Our honest, passionate and hardworking culture is meant to bring out your best and let the world know about you.

Our core, respected values are an integral part of every decision and plan of action made at PCS.  We strongly believe that those values have laid the foundation for not only our future success and longevity, but more importantly for yours as well.

That is why we believe that innovative, creative thinking and analysis do not stop at the water’s edge.  We dive in to better serve each unique need for every client consistently striving to aim for excellence.  That is the culture of PCS.


We Are Proud To Offer The Following Services


Political & Campaign Consulting

We will chart your course and direction to show you how to win on Election Day.  Our years of political and campaign experience allow us to generate your plan of action, strategy and budget to help spread your message to win your race.

Message Delivery & Communications

The political communications landscape has altered dramatically and we have kept up with understanding this new digital world.  Candidates and causes want to spread their dynamic messages to the masses in a well-thought-out, strategic process.  We understand the complexities of the broadcast, print and digital worlds to help win any campaign.  Your message will stand out.

Grassroots Data Analysis & Microtargeting

Elections often are decided by those last, critical voters. We make sure that you are talking and communicating with the right people, groups and constituencies through our data driven strategies.

Polling Data

Strategically crafting your political or organizational message works when you have accurate market data. Polls provide a map as well as insight.  Through polling, we’ll offer a guided strategy into your target market that will put your campaign at a strategic advantage.

Media Relations

Today’s campaigns are 24 hour operations reflective of a media that does not rest.  Online and social media tools make it easier for candidates and organizations to spread their brands.  With our media relations strategy, we’ll help put you over the top.

Fundraising Support

Without money, your campaign and message cannot grow.  That’s why we will help your campaign implement the foundation of raising the dollars needed to foster financial support to spread your message.

“I have known Jeff for many years, on both a political and personal level. You will not find a more honest, hard working and genuine  individual in the Lehigh Valley. He knows politics, he knows neighborhoods, and he knows how to creatively tackle challenges. If I ever run for public office again, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Jeff and PCS.”Kevin Deely (Former Candidate for State Representative)

Jeff Warren

As a former aide and counselor to a member of the Pennsylvania State Senate for over thirteen years, as well as a staffer to a Member of Congress, Jeff understands the issues and legislative processes within our state and federal governments. Jeff is also a former local elected official, which distinguishes him from other campaign and political consultants. He has not only worked on behalf of public officials, but he has been one himself as a member of Easton, Pennsylvania’s City Council.

Throughout his years of political and governmental experience, he has helped write and draft public policy initiatives, legislation and provided political expertise that have positively affected an array of constituencies.  Most importantly, his background has provided him with the wisdom and ability to personally connect with public officials, non-profit leaders and corporate executives. Jeff recognizes that we must understand the basics and complexities of our communities if we are charged to better serve them.

As a Lehigh Valley native, Jeff received his Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University and his Master’s degree from Kutztown University. He is passionate about giving back to the community that has been so good to him. Currently a volunteer with Miller-Keystone Blood Center and the Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST), he is determined to make a difference in the lives of others. In previous years he served on the board of directors for the Boys & Girls Club of Easton and Communities in Schools of the Lehigh Valley. His wife, Michelle, and twin daughters, Addison and Abbigail, are the three individuals in his life that keep him young, vibrant, and desiring to continue to serve others.

“I have been asked many times, ‘what should I be looking for in hiring a consultant?’ I have told people it is the same qualities you would hope for in an elected official – honesty, resourcefulness, vision and the work ethic to see things through. Progressive Consulting Strategies have all those traits and, having honorably served in public office in the Lehigh Valley, they know the road map to the kind of political success you want and that your community deserves.” – Tim Brennan (Doylestown Borough Council) 

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